4 types of backlinks that do not work so well anymore.

If you are trying to promote your site you’ve been touching SEO one way or another.

SEO consists of onpage optimization and offpage optimization, and while onpage is used to make your site faster, more usable and accessible by bots, offpage SEO is basically about getting links to your site.

Since the dawn of the internet SEOs have been getting links wherever they can. However times have changed and not everything works so well anymore-some links just do not work that well. Here’s a list of 5 types of backlinks that no longer work (some of them even have adverse effect!):

– Forum profiles.

Just creating an account on a forum and placing a link to your site is very unlikely to skyrocket your rankings.

– Guestbooks.

Back in the day you would be going around the sites of other webmasters, reading their guestbooks and leaving your message with a link to your site – well you may want to stop. these links have been long since devalued.

– Link exchanges.

If you ever stumble upon a really old site you’ll probably see the section “link exchanges” or “link partners” on one of its’ pages. People used to be exchanging links and enjoying high rankings thanks to that. Nowadays nobody does link exchanges simply because Google does not think it’s a smart idea anymore.

– Comment spam.

If you run thousands of direct spam comments to your site you are likely to penalize it. Links from comments are usually no-followed and if you stick to auto-approved comment pages, you are likely to be in a bad neighborhod.

If you are looking to get backlinks, try to check an active SEO forum. Of course no one will explicitly share the working strategies with you, but you can get the feel of what is working while reading between the lines!